Details can make or break your property sale!

As a homeowner, who wants to put a property on the market, you obviously want to get the best deal possible. To list a property for sale, a lot of preparation is needed. The key is to choose the right broker, who will meet all your needs. At EHomes Realty, Ltd. we are fully committed to help you achieve your selling goal.

  • All our brokers are professionally trained.
  • We are great negotiators.
  • We know the Chicago market.
  • We complete sale transactions in a timely manner.

We know very well that putting a proper price tag on a property is not enough to complete a sale. We also make sure that the property for sale looks appealing to all the potential buyers.

We not only focus on a big picture – price and the property’s condition, we also pay attention to details. We will provide tips on how to increase the value of your property without overspending. We know that painting the walls, refinishing the floors, upgrading the yard makes property more valuable. We don’t forget about the right scent either!

Once we help you to sell your property, we will also help you to find your new home!

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